We are very exited to work for Neodandi and Glory Be Thy Name’s NYFW FW19 show!


The word Suki is a term associated with the old way of tea in Japan.  Specifically, Zen Buddhism.  A Suki is said to be one who feels towards others, who shares the burden of the moment, and seeks to find relief or remedy to whatever the moment needs.  A Suki is aware.  A Suki is a lover..  A person of taste.  A person who chooses how and what they wear to where they go.  If you’re a Suki, you are definitely concerned about the best that life could offer.  You treat yourself and the life around you like a precious gem.  Everything about it is fascinating.  You throw yourself into life like a thirsty person in the desert throws themselves into the water of an oasis.  A Suki loves natural things.  All of this and more is associated with the word Suki, so for us, this word is an inspiration for the designs because what we aim to call forth with these designs are those who are inclined towards these sentiments.  We aim to aid through the structures and the silhouettes and fabric and texture to create an environment with the garment for the Suki who has the best interest of the world at heart. 


Eden is a call to beginnings. To starting over..  Accompanied with peace, welfare and joy, like the great Alexandrian Jewish philosopher Philo, who said, “Eden means Luxury.”  The personal luxury of being healthy, strong, and secure. To Neodandi, that means existence itself is luxury and living is the play joy of adventure and surprise.

Eden is a return to real luxury.  A return to recover the laughter left behind — the innocent curiosity that when followed brings about the surprising freshness that comes out of a well chosen choice.. The curated touch that could be called paradise. 

Changing the way we interact with ourselves and others through what we wear is the intent behind the collection with designs that embrace and hold the body like a lover (or a good bed..) all while creating intellectually alluring silhouettes for men and women. 

As human beings, it is our nature to beautify.. To beautify our exterior and our interior, and that is the mission of Neodandi, to make your inner vision.. your outer exhibition.  

About Designer

NiiLartey De Osu (b. 1965) is a Neoillusionist artist based in New York City. He inaugurated the form Neoillusionism to encompass all disciplines, concerned with creating a holistic world vision through art. As a fashion designer, the main purpose of his work is to convey the spirit, essence and meaning of the wearer themselves — he uses the material to reveal the immaterial.

“My designs help you elevate the glory of your name — the name that you really are, not what your parents call you, but what you call yourself inside. As a designer I feel my job is to help you achieve this quality of yourself, and if I’m able to do that, I consider that to be fulfilling the prescription of what a designer is.”

About Brands


Neodandi House of Couture is a 21st Century Fashion House that brings spiritually imbued clothing with a new design style that uses function as form to augment personal growth.  Neodandi believes in the true marketability of health and well being by creating a sustainable process of design that focuses on increasing individual strength and preserving the world in which we live. The 21st Century Citizen is one who is at home around the globe must have a wardrobe to match. In the 21st Century, the individual is the prize and Neodandi champions this idea by creating one of a kind pieces of Art clothing that not only portray strength, but style and an irrevocable notion that the world is changing.. for the better. 


Do you feel safe under your skin?  If you do, then my designs are created for you to feel even safer.  If you don’t, my designs are created to help you get there. And when you get there, they are created to help you stay there.  And when you stay there, they are created to help you elevate from there. The approach to my design is simply to provide Security and Beauty.  For me, these two words are interchangeable.  Security is Beauty, Beauty is Security.  

The designs are orchestrated in such a way to help one capture a secure interior space.  A space where one can feel confident and real.  I make my designs so that when one moves, the design affirms the movement in such a way that one feels present in the moment.  It’s all about the security of the moment, to give firm foundation to one’s spirit.  The lines of the designs are choreographed in such a way to provide an intimate conversation with yourself, as if glorifying in your own temple.  

If you are going to dress, why not dress in the security of your own skin?  After all, that is where you are provided with that private space that we all seek — that interior affirmation that says, “What you see of me on the outside is what I am on the inside” — so that harmony and balance is achieved in such a way that the moment is captured in the security of confidence, saying, “Glory Be Thy Name.”

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