2022 Instagram Trend Report

2022 Instagram Trend Report

Instagram revealed its 2022 Instagram Trend Report, looking at upcoming trends for next year, as defined by Generation Z, that will shape culture.

Reporter Darian Symoné Harvin, who writes about beauty at the intersection of pop culture and technology, spoke with several creators and trend forecasters about all things innovative for 2022 and beyond.

Instagram wrote in the introduction to the report, “Next-gen audiences are consistently creating the future and defining trends on Instagram. Instagram is where teens, creators, tastemakers and niche creators are key to the creation of new trends. Almost 50% of young people view individuals like themselves or influences with smaller, loyal audiences as key for creating trends.”

Highlights from the 2022 Instagram Trend Report follow, by category:

* Career and education: Next-gen professionals are re-evaluating their educational and career goals, with 90% of Gen-Z believing the best education comes from real-world experiences.

* Celebrities and creators: Creators have risen to the level of A-list celebrities, with 83% of respondents to a survey saying creators have as much influence as online influencers, if not more.

* Fashion and beauty: Maximalist fashion takes over, joined by minimalist faces and natural beauty.

* Food: Younger people are pushing the boundaries at home, experimenting with complex recipes and intricate cooking techniques.

* Gaming: Games are the new mall, with more young people spending more time inside playing them, and “non-gamer” gamers are accessing gaming through fashion, with one out of five expecting to see more brand-name clothing for their digital avatars.

* Memes: Memes providing a sense of control will rise to the top, while stop-and-think humor reinvents itself.

* Music and dance: Music is now social, with short-form video redefining discovery, and music is going visual, with more album releases joined by graphic components.

* Shopping: Online shopping will move away from big-box retailer sites and to social and augmented reality experiences. Digital thrift stores and side hustles will emerge.

* Social justice: Advocates are the most active users of social platforms, and this will not slow at all in 2022.

* Wellness: Young people are connecting and rethinking how choices they make in their lives affect their mental health, and holistic wellness is the next step forward.


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