Belgian designer Alexandra Jacmin and her entrepreneur twin sister Ségolène Jacmin unveiled FAÇON JACMIN FF22 collection titled BLACK MOON, an intriguing collection, playing with curves & shapes, on the edge between illusion and reality, where male & female intertwine and where the yellow becomes black.

Many pieces are designed geometrical lines. The sleeves are wide and curved to accentuate the attitude. Some pieces are construced with pleats also to add a mouvement or an illusion. An illusion of collar for example. The word/concept of «trompe l’oeil», illusion or playing with codes appears very often in the FJ universe. The sense of humour is also an important value, trans- lated here by the mussel. A heart printed on a t-shirt is in reality a mussel duplicated in mirror or a mussel used as a button.

The collection is generous in shape and volume. Lots of pieces are from the male wardrobe: blazer, coat, shirt and classic pants. The brand also keeps some iconic pieces as COCO shirt, MACKENSIE jacket, or the PXL pants.

For the first time, FAÇON JACMIN includes black in the color pallet, mixing with the blue denim and the yellow-green color. On denim, the brand has worked with a specific dying technique to get a intense yellow-green, with texture & a special effect, as a reference to the different aspects of the moon or organic elements (as the green lichen). This unique technique is made in Italy.

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