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UNIQLO UT Spring 2011 UT Program: Now! On T-Shirts

UNIQLO UT is now serving up its annual assortment of new and exciting designs. Under the “Now! On T-Shirts” theme, the UT lineup features collaborations with some of the hottest names in global pop culture. The latest designs are drawn from a wide range of influences, including well-known anime characters and popular brands, as well as the latest music and movies. These new, inspired designs are at the UNIQLO Soho store.

Every year since 2003, UNIQLO has shipped more than 1,000 different graphic t-shirt designs. These unique, collaborative designs—featuring major Japanese cultural icons drawn from the world of manga and anime, as well as other globally popular characters—have been marketed to widespread acclaim the world over. In the past UT has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world such as Terry Richardson, Keith Haring, Pac Man and Vincent Gallo, to name a few, to bring inspired designs to the market. In 2011, UT’s ninth year, UNIQLO is proud to offer its UT “Now! On T-Shirts” collections featuring seasonal content to further solidify the brand’s position as the world’s number one purveyor of graphic t-shirts. UNIQLO is striving to ensure that customers around the world can always find a UT t-shirt that suits their own tastes and allows them to express their own sense of “Now!” whenever they please.

This year’s collections feature the strongest UT lineup to date, with a number of designs based on major Japanese pop-culture icons. These include Naruto and One Piece, the celebrated manga series that have sold more than 200 million volumes, and the Gundam Illustrations series, marking the first collaboration between an apparel maker and the master animators of Gundam Genesis.

UNIQLO team up with Cath Kidston, the internationally popular UK brand for women, to bring the Cath Kidston Charity Project. Other first-time collaborations include t-shirts based on the beloved Care Bears characters and other big-name brands, including Barbie™ doll, who continued to reign as the number one property in the toy industry this past holiday season and recently reunited with boyfriend Ken™. UNIQLO continues to roll out t-shirts that are thematically based on blockbuster movies such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Transformers. Without a doubt, the 2011 UT collection is UNIQLO’s hottest assortment of T-shirts yet.

UNIQLO UT pieces are available at UNIQLO Soho located at 546 Broadway and retail for $19.90 to $29.90. The spring 2011 UT collection starts to arrive in store in March and continue through the Spring with new inspired designs so be sure to pick up the perfect UT for you!