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New York-Tokyo wants to give you, our lovely readers, a chance to win one of seven LIMITED EDITION UNIQLO Manga T-Shirts! These shirts are not for sale in stores, and are VERY limited run! There are three gorgeous designs, which feature classic manga characters Detective Conan from Case Closed, Lum from Urusei Yatsura, and Minami from Touch.

To enter in our contest, just correctly answer our three trivia questions, testing your manga knowledge.

Contest Questions

1. What is Detective Conan‘s full alias name, and what famous figure or figures is he named after?

2. Name at least three more manga stories created by Urusei Yatsura creator Rumiko Takahashi.

3. In what languages besides Japanese was the manga version of Touch published?

* Answers must be submitted to info (at) newyork-tokyo.com by Friday, June 6, 2008. Be sure to include your name, city/state, age, and what size and style you prefer. These shirts are so limited that we cannot guarantee your ideal size or style will be available!

* Prize winners will be selected in a random drawing from entrants that answer the trivia questions correctly. Winners will receive an email from New York-Tokyo informing them that they have won, and must respond by email with their full contact information (name, age, phone number, mailing address) within five (5) business days to claim their prize.

(General contest rules and fine print HERE.)



Japan based fashion institution UNIQLO, known for simple and affordable clothing as well as a diverse collection of graphic T-shirts, has just launched a massive new display in their Soho store dedicated to their line of manga inspired shirts. This is not just some token nod to the daily expanding manga phenomenon in the US, but a truly informed and deeply realized tribute to the diversity of manga straight from its native country. From Golgo 13 to Urusei Yatsura, the 50 year history of some of the manga industry’s most celebrated publishers is represented and celebrated in this shirt collection. Not only are the shirts gorgeous, but the display itself is a sight for otaku and manga fan sore-eyes. More pictures after the jump.

The store’s interior, riddled with manga panels from floor to ceiling

Rotating clothesline of manga T-shirts at the store entrance



A selection of some of the campaign’s brand new shirts