Pratt 119th annual senior runway show

Pratt 119th annual senior runway show

PRATT INSTITUTE’s Fashion Division held its 119th annual senior runway show this Thursday night. The designers who presented their collections were Rachel Lee, Quian Wu, Jiayue Ge, KJ Choi, Anderson Osmun, Samantha Debardeleben, Ryu Tomita, Talia Leslie, Victoria Tom, Liv Ryan, Hannah Li, Shelby Groshowski, Yinh Yang, Hajin Kim, Haley Smitlekowski, Perri Vaaler, Amy Sullivan, Jeremy Wood, and Emily Ridings, and the prizes went to Rachel Lee and Emily Ridings. Also, PRATT Fashion honored Gabriela Hearst.

Stylings: Students themselves with input where absolutely necessary from their faculty.
Hair: Hiro + Mari from Bryan Bantry
Makeup: Vicky Steckel from Bryan Bantry
Casting: David Milosevich
Photos: Fernando Colon


Rachel Lee

Quin Wu


Jessica Stahl

Ki Jeong Choi

Anderson Osmun

Samantha Debardelaben

Ryu Tomita

Taliah Leslie

Victoria Tom

Liv Ryan

Hannah Li

Shelby Grochowski

Ying Yang

Hajin Kim

Haley Switlekowski

Perrie Vaaler

Amy Sullivan

Jeremy Wood

Emily Ridings

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