KOH T – SS22




NYFW Show Credits:
Show hosted by NY Men’s Day
Footwear: Sperry
Hair: Kien Hoang with Oribe
Makeup: Monique Rinard on behalf of AOFM
Photos: Meghan Cronin
Video: Matthew George Sperzel
Production: New York Tokyo




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KoH T’s SS22 Collection “Mindful Comfy Trip”, which was inspired by the pottery the designer acquired and the landscapes he saw during his trips to Kyoto, centers around the compassion found in the everyday.

In order to realize a life cycle assessment, KoH T aims to recognize the splendor of Japanese tradition through creative manufacturing and to incorporate it into our daily lives. When developing products, the designer collaborates with traditional craftsmen and artists.

KoH T’s textile is hand-dyed one-by-one by Yonezawa craftsmen utilizing the natural dyeing methods to create a relaxed and eco-friendly luxurious style. This process is just like the artist paints on a canvas.

Inspired by the sea, the denim is harmonious for both the earth and us. Creating while cherishing the future is a big mission that will continue for the brand. What do you make? What do you wear? Each choice will determine the future.

KoH T’s set-up denim, which normally uses large amounts of water and chemicals to clean, is instead sustainably washed with deep seawater.

The collection also includes an airplane-themed spread leather wallet inspired by the designer’s travels. Each piece is made from leather discarded by Japanese craftsmen.

In addition, this season’s KoH T also introduces a very eco-friendly, new vegan leather accessory made of apples.