fuccboi glass ceiling diagram

fuccboi glass ceiling diagram

‘fuccboi glass ceiling’ diagram (originated by London’s Mushpit magazine) places several several streetwear brands under four categories: innovation, aspiration, absorption, and iteration, with varying levels of disapproval.

While Comme des Garçons, HBA, and Telfar are branded ‘high fashion’ (and, thus, fall under the innovation category and above the queer threshold) Bape, Vetements and Raf Simons have to settle for ‘aspirational’. Meanwhile, Palace and Supreme emerge from the murky heterosexual soup which swims at the diagram’s bottom.

Obviously, all of this has led to plentiful sounding off in comment sections about who’s who and should fall where. But Lucas Mascatello, the artist, strategist, and creator of New York newspaper Civilization that contributed the ‘fuccboi glass ceiling’ diagram to issue 10 of Mushpit, seems to take it pretty seriously.


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